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Founded in 1983 by D. Gaspar Navarro Mora, and managed today by his son D. Javier Navarro Dura, the Plaginsa Group is considered one of the world's leading producers of rubber sheets.

With a management model based on innovation, flexibility and experience accumulated over decades, Grupo Plaginsa is a corporation of first-line companies, internationally recognized in the footwear (Plaginsa), construction (ConfortSONIC), the livestock (ConfortAGRI), sports (PaviFLEX Gym Flooring) and online retail (Bootymats and Lü Babymats).

The founder's determined character to satisfy the most demanding clients and perfectly understand the needs of creativity, design and quality, has resulted in a solid, agile and flexible group that offers a rapid response to market demands with constant innovation in materials, processes and products.

From the headquarters (offices and factory), located in Crevillente, Alicante (Spain), the Plaginsa Group manages its own offices and distribution chains in Europe, Asia, America, Africa and Oceania.

Aware of the environment since its creation, the Plaginsa Group is certified VEGAN APPROVED and READY FOR ECO DESIGNED for the development of sustainable products free of compounds of animal origin and for the use of recycled materials.

Rubber Sheets since 1983

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